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Once Upon a Dream

I really dig the characters of Solas and Cole in Dragon Age Inquisition. There are a lot of of aspects of their individual characters that resonate with me. Solas has spent a lot of time with books and old spirits, but has lost touch with how the world currently operates. He knows how things should ideally be and has become jaded when he realizes that the world isn't quite the way it is in dreams, though he is by no means idealistic or naive this disillusionment is apparent in some of the moments of disdain he has for others. (Well that and the memories of Arlathan being destroyed. :P). Cole tries to help, but his ways are considered strange by others because he is not used to operating like everyone else does. He helps even though it is strange and no one really knows he is doing it most of the time. I could ramble on for a while about either of these characters and perhaps may do so one day.

What has caught my mind the most tonight was that both of them come from the Fade, a world connected to ours and yet not really a part of ours. It is a world of thoughts and dreams, though by no means is that its only purpose. It is a realm that is as real as our own, even if it is not static. I appreciate their views of the Fade because it is very much something that I have held to be true over the years. Often times the physical world may not be the only one that matters, that the things of dreams and art can matter just as much. It says that the things of dreams can be just as real as that of this world. Now I am not sure if there is another plane out there speaking through dreams and art, but I have always held that dreams and imaginings are just as real. My logic is as such: If it influences and teaches you, what does it matter the source? Often times things not quite of this world, at least not physically, have changed my personality and influenced my thoughts. Rather than drive myself crazy and devalue these experiences because they are "not real" I simply say that they are. If they move you, if they change you, then they are real. I appreciate seeing echoes of those sentiments in those tow characters, most prominently in Solas.


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Oct. 20th, 2015 02:43 pm (UTC)
If they move you, if they change you, then they are real.

Yes, I love that :D
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